Motorola GM338/GM398

  • In a rapidly changing market, you need a communication solution that enables you to respond immediately to your customer requests and maximise productivity. With Motorola GM338 and GM398 conventional mobile, you can now enjoy instant and reliable communication to keep your mobile team working efficiently.
    Whether you are a courier service personnel where information on direction is critical, or a foreman at a construction site needing emergency backup at an accident scene, or a transportation company that wants to improve its fleet management, both the GM338 and GM398 mobile radios are solutions that let you stay in touch and in control.

  • GM339 and GM398
    Common Key Features and Benefits
    • Advanced Signalling Capacity
      Excellent Audio Technology
      Programmable Channel Spacing (12.5/20/25kHz)
      Large Control Button
      Dual Prioty Scan
      Remote Mount Control Head
      Covert Emergency Signalling
  • GM338 Features and Benefits
    • 4 Customised Buttons
      Optional Voice Storage
      128 Channel Capacity
      14 Characters 1-line Alphanumeric Display
    • GM338 Features and Benefits:
      • 7 Customised Buttons
        160 Channel Capacity
        14 Characters 4-line Alphanumeric Display
        Full Keypad
        Built-in Voice
      • Larger Image with Accessories