kenwood TH-255A

  • For simple and defendable communications, Kenwood's TH-255A handheld radio is a wise and cost- effective choice. High ouput gives transmissions the needed power, while the large speaker ensures reception is loud and clear. Operation is easy thanks to the large LCD panel and direct frequency entry function, and you can rest assured that the security features and sturdy construction will help protect your investment.

  • High RF power outputr:
    • he TH-255A provide 5.5 watts of power for wide coverage, with
      a choice of High/Low output
  • large speaker:
    • The large diameter speaker output up to 400mW, which helps to
      allow clear reception even in niosy workplace
    • Long Battery Life:
      • Another welcome feature is 8-hours" continuous operation with the
        optional high capacity Ni-MH battery PB-43N.
        Channel capacity: 16
        "Battery Life (5-5-90 duty cycle)
      • High-visibility backlit LCD:
        • backlighting , larger characters, and a
          battery level indicator all contribute
          to exceptional ease of use. Easy and
          simple to operate for both beginners
          and experienced users.
        • Security Features:
          • In addition to password-protection at power-on, the keypad can be
            locked and there's and emergency siren for when assistance is required.
          • Rugged Construction:
            • The TH-255A meets or exceeds the stringent
              iP54 dust and splash water standards as well
              as the MIL-STD 810 C, D, E & F environmental
              standards in 9 categories-including rain, humudity and shock.
            • Other Features:
              • Multiple Scan Functions
                CTCSS (42 subtone frequencies), DCS (104 codes)
                BUsy Channel Lock Out
                Memory Shift, Beat Shift
                Channel Display Mode
                Split Channel
                Automatic Simplex Chacker (ASC)
                VFO Reset, Full Reset
                Beep On/Off
                High-capacity Ni-MH battery (optional)
                Auto Power Off
                Time-out Timer
                Alphanumeric Channel Name
                Battery Save
              • Larger Image with Accessories