• Kenwood’s new TH-K2AT/K4AT is in a class of its own. Though compact enough for pocket or palm, this rugged 144/430 MHz FM transceiver offers all the features needed to make operation simple and sure.
  • Sophisticated design
    • In sharp contrast to other transceivers in this class, the smart navy-blue TH-K2AT/K4AT is sophisticated inside and stylish outside.
  • Priority Scan
    • By specifying a priority channel for scanning, you can be ready to receive on either of two different frequencies. Among the many other scan functions are VFO, MR, call, tone, CTCSS, DCS and program.
  • 6-Character Memory names
    • Use a maximum of 100 memory channels and up to 6 aphaneumeric characters to identify a channel.
  • High-Capacity Ni-MH Battery
    • Supplied as standard is the environmentally friendly PB-43N Ni-MH battery, offering higher capacity than a NiCd battery. In high-power mode RF output is an impressive 5W.
  • Large Backlit LCD
    • The large 13-segment LCD display with backlighting ensures excellent visibility when using memory names or choosing settings.

    KENWOOD TK-2107/3107

  • The Primary Communicator
    Rugged, fully featured, easy to handle, and reasonably priced: Kenwood’s TK-2107/3107 simply makes good business sense. Designed to meet tough MIL-STD C/D/E specifications, this handy radio is extremely reliable – making it perfect for sevice industries and inventory control operations. It even provides all the convenience of hands-free operation when used with the optional headset and microphone.
  • Sixteen RF Channels & QT/DQT Tone Keys
    • These compact and easy-to-use VHF/UHF portables are available with sixteen RF channels. Each RF channel can be assigned a Quiet Talk (QT) and digital Quiet Talk (DQT) tone key to eliminate unwanted signals. This helps to minimize interference from other users as audio will not be heard if your radio receives a signal with the incorrect tone key.
  • Rock Solid Design
    • The TK-2107/3107 is your guarantee of absolute performance in demanding situations as it fully complies with MIL-STD 810 C/D/E standards for resistance to shock, vibration, humidity, dust, and light rain. The aluminium die-cast chassis, sealed case design, and SMA antenna connector withstand rough handling to enable these exceptionally rugged radios to provide years of reliable service.

    KENWOOD TM-271A with 144MHz

  • All-Terrain Performance
    Frontiers are not for the meek. It takes a rugged 4WD vehicle to meet the challenges of the wilderness. And Kenwood’s new TM-271A is built just as tough. This compact, MIL-STD-complicant transceiver delivers powerful mobile performance and other welcome features as multiple scan functions and memory names. But on or off the road, you can always enjoy the sophistication of high-quality audio, illuminated keys and a large LCD with adjustable cool-green backlighting for simple operation, day and night. The TM-271A is the ideal companion for all your travels.