MOTOROLA GM3188 Conventional Mobile

  • Ease of use and cost effective communication characterize the Motorola GM3188 Conventional Mobile radio. Ideal for taxi, courier, construction and manufacturing industries. The Motorola Gm3188 conventional mobile allows you enjoy instant and reliable communication while keeping your mobile team working efficiently. With Motorola’s voice-compression technology, the GM3188 offers unsurpassed audio quality, making it extremely suitable for use in high-noise environments. Expect consistently high performance from the Gm3188 – nothing comes close to it in terms of reliability and value.

    • MDC1200 Signalling:
      • PTT ID Encode - Identifies the radio during transmission, so callers do not have to verbally identify themselves.
      • Selective Radio Inhibit - If missing or stolen, the dispatcher or system can remotely disable the radio for greater security.
      • Emergency - Provides instant help by activating the foot switch.
      • Radio Check - allows radio to be checked if it is working or operating within range.
    • Quick Call II Signaling:
      • Selective Call - the radios can be addressed individually.
      • Call Alert - An alert tone to notify individual users that they are being paged.
    • DTMF Signalling:
      • PTT - ID Encode

    MOTOROLA GP3188 Conventional Portable

  • Key Attributes and Features
  • Crystal Clear Audio:
    • Exceptional audio design for that added communications edge.
  • Extended Talktime:
    • 19hr-talktime on low power and 14hr-talktime on high power for greater productivity.
  • Battery Latch Lock Feature:
    • Keeps the power source firmly fastened to the radio and allows continuous communication.
  • Durable and Reliable:
    • Complaint with demanding MIL-STD 810 standards, thus apt for harsh working environments.
  • Compatible Accessories:
    • Compatible with existing original Motorola and MagOne accessories, thus protecting your investment.
  • Quick and Easy Programming:
    • Faster programming with the user – friendly Microsoft Window based Customer Programming Software.
  • Ideal For:
  • Security:
    • Call for backup with just a simple, one-button operation of the GP3188. Faster response to emergency situations and intruders means a job well done.
  • Hospitality:
    • Get compliments, not complaints with prompt, proactive levels of service, thanks to the handy GP3188. Slim, easy to carry around and hands free operation enables staff to meet guest’s demands quickly.
  • Manufacturing:
    • Coordination with many people, even across different plants, can be done easily and quickly with the GP3188. its extended talktime will easily last beyond 12-hour shift.
  • Construction:
    • A harsh environment requires a hardy radio. The GP3188 meets stringent Military Standards 810 C, D, E and F for durability; and loud 500mW speaker ensures clear audio even in high noise environment.