Motorola GP2000 Alpha Series Portable Radio

  • Modern, Efficient with Exceptional Value
  • Operational Efficiency at Minimal Cost

    The Motorola’s GP2000 is sleek and compact for portability yet packed with advanced features for added value.

    Equipped with a Handsfree Earpiece, the new GP2000 offers convenience, audio clarity and privacy to users in diverse applications, such as manufacturing, hotels, retail and other service industries.

  • Easy-To-Use Features That Boost Productivity
    • 99 Channels

      Allows the organizing of work teams into talk groups, increasing the flexibility of your radio. The channel button is located in the front of the radio, providing quick and easy access to the different talk groups.

    • Front Panel Programming

      Large front panel buttons facilitate easy programming of the several radio functions. Customize and reset your radio profiles while on the go without the need for additional equipment.

    • Long Battery Life

      Allows you to enjoy up to 8 hours of talktime without the need to charge or carry additional batteries during atypical 8-hour work shift.

    Key Features
  • 99 Channels
  • Front Panel Programming
  • Compact, lightweight and ergonomically designed
  • 12.5/25kHz channel spacing

    Motorola GM3688 and GM3188

  • GM3688 Specifications:
    • Channels : 64
    • Display : 8 characters
    • ANI Display : YES
    • Programmable buttons : 4
    • Scan : Dual Priority
    • Option board interface : YES
  • GM3188 Specifications:
    • Channels : 8
    • Display : 1 digit (channel number)
    • ANI Display : NO
    • Programmable buttons : 2
    • Scan : Single Priority
    • Option board interface : NO